The UK Network of Environmental Economists aims to bring together environmental economists from academia, consultancy and public and private sectors to foster closer relationships, follow recent developments and share experience.

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UKNEE used to organise regular seminars on topical subjects in environmental economics followed by social evenings. Now, we are moving them online - this move will also help us reach to more people and, at low cost, will mean we can do more webinars. Please click on our Webinar page for information about the Autumn 2020 series

envecon - our annual applied environmental economics conference is on 18th March 2022 – this time online.

In September 2011, UKNEE launched a new publication: Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy (JEEP). JEEP features articles on applied environmental economics to appeal to public and private sector decision makers. Visit the Journal homepage and take a look at the latest articles here.