LEEP in 2019

LEEP in 2019 will be held at the LEEP Institute, University of Exeter, UK, on the 24th & 25th June 2019 (finishing in time to travel to Manchester for the start of EAERE 2019).

Keynote speakers include: 

Catherine Kling (Iowa State University, USA); 

Paul Ferraro (Johns Hopkins University, USA); 

Georgina Mace (University College London, UK); 

Ian Bateman (University of Exeter, UK); 

Graham Loomes (University of Warwick, UK); 

Brett Day (University of Exeter, UK); 

Christian Vossler (University of Tennessee, USA)

Papers are invited in the following fields: Mechanism design and Payments for Ecosystem Services; Resource management; Applied behavioural economics; Non-market valuation; Spatial and temporal issues, and integrated modelling approaches; Economic insights to improve Government policy.

Applications of a range of methods – including field and laboratory experiments, RCTs and applied econometrics – are encouraged.

Applications open 21stJanuary

 You can register your interest here, or for more information visit our website or email us LEEP@exeter.ac.uk