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June 2021


  • Job Advertisements:

    • Consultant Economist - eftec. Economics for the Environment Consultancy (eftec) is looking for an economist to join their team as a consultant, specifically to contribute to their chemicals policy work. Click here for more info & how to apply.

    • Analyst - Little Blue Research. Little Blue Research help companies understand their environmental and social impacts. They are  looking to recruit a researcher/analyst to contribute to their work on impact measurement across natural, social, and human capitals. Click for more info & how to apply

  • Papers

    • Does Lead in Drinking Water Lead to More crime? Many papers try to show that higher rates of lead in drinking water are linked to increasing crime rates. However, this new meta-analysis shows that the true effect size is much smaller than many papers claim. Click here to read the paper.

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UKNEE Webinars: Solar PV Innovation followed by Sustainable Cattle Ranching Systems

Yesterday we welcomed Pia Andres, PhD Candidate in Environmental Economics at the LSE, to present her paper on the impact of trade conflict with China on solar PV innovation in European firms.

Her paper studies the effects of Chinese import competition on innovation in solar cell technology using firm-level patent counts alongside country-level trade and production data in 15 European countries. Pia took us through her research methodology and findings, before taking questions from the audience.

A recording of this webinar will be sent to UKNEE members later today. If you would like to become an UKNEE member and receive access to webinar and envecon recordings alongside other benefits, click here.

Next Month: Sustainable Cattle Ranching Systems and Policy Decision Making: A Case Study in Valle de Cauca, Columbia

Our next webinar, titled above, will be held by Gaetano Grilli, Senior Research Associate at the University of East Anglia. The webinar will focus on his case study into sustainable cattle ranching systems in Columbia. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks, and in the meantime you can book your spot at the link above.


Coming up from the Climate Change Committee

Later this month, the UK Climate Change Committee will be publishing three important reports. They will be holding two webinars to launch these reports. We encourage UKNEE members to attend to be brought up-to-speed with the current government advice on UK climate risk and the progress made towards mitigation and adaptation: 

16 June 2021 – Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk (CCRA3)

On 16 June the CCC will publish their latest assessment of the risks and opportunities for the UK from climate change, as required by the Climate Change Act. The result of more than three years of work, with input from over 450 experts from 130 organisations, this report provides a comprehensive independent overview of the impacts of climate change in the UK. It will inform the UK Government’s own assessment and adaptation action plans.

The launch webinar will chaired by Ritula Shah, lead presenter of The World Tonight on BBC Radio 4, who will be joined by special guests in delivering an overview of the CCC's advice to government. 

Details to join:

24 June 2021 –  Joint Progress Report to Parliament 2021

On 24 June the CCC will publish two reports: their annual report on progress in reducing emissions and their biennial report on progress in preparing for the impacts of climate change. Taken together, these reports provide their authoritative, independent assessment of UK climate action to date.

The launch webinar will take place at 10:00-11:30 on the 24th June, with Q&A chaired by Tim Harford, senior columnist at the Financial Times, and presenter of Radio 4’s “More or Less”. Hear from CCC Chairman Lord Deben, Adaptation Committee Chair Baroness Brown, CCC Chief Executive Chris Stark and other leading voices about progress being made and the vital next steps on the path to a Net Zero, climate resilient UK

Details to join:

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