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June 2022

Register for Our Final Summer Webinar: Impacts of the Sandeel Fishery in the North Sea

This webinar will demonstrate how Jo Bayes (Senior Techincal Specialist, Natural England) and Natalya Kharadi (Senior Consultant, eftec) conducted a practical exploration of integrating ecological and economic evidence to assess the impacts of the Sandeel fishery in the North Sea.

To do this, they used modelled ecological data using Ecopath with Ecosim to populate an extended balance sheet for the North Sea Area IV and the impact of the industrial Sandeel fishery. Key results from the preliminary Ecopath with Ecosim outputs show that with a full closure of the sandeel fishery sandeel biomass increases by 40%, the biomass of fish that eat sandeels increases by 20% but fish that do not eat sandeels reduces by 4%. There is an upward trend in the biomass of marine mammals and seabirds, with a 42% increase in seabird population within the first 10 – 15 years of a closed fishery.Click here to register to join us on the 6th July to learn more about Jo and Natalya's process and findings.


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