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May 2021


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  • Online SEEDS workshop: Africa in the Sustainability transition: behavioural change and political economy perspectives. May 24th & 25th with Keynote and 4 Sessions. More information & registration here.

Become an HSE UK Reach Accredited Stakeholder Organisation.

  • At the last Forum meeting in February, the UK Agency – Health and Safety Executive (HSE), announced an invitation for stakeholder organisations interested in closer cooperation in UK REACH processes, particularly Authorisation and Restriction, to apply to become an Accredited Stakeholder Organisation (ASO).For more information on how to become an ASO, click here.


UKNEE Webinars: Past and Future

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to welcome Dr Alison Holt of Natural Capital Solutions, and Professor Emeritus Joe Morris, of Cranfield University, to present in the first of our UKNEE Spring/Summer Webinar series. 

In this webinar, Alison and Joe detailed their methodology and shared their conclusions from their recent study titled "Plugging the income gap: environmental options for upland farms: A Case Study in Pendle Hill, Lancashire." Through this research, they aim to anticipate the potential for the Environmental Land Management Scheme in England to fill the gap in livestock farming income left by the ending of the Basic Payment Scheme.

A recording of this webinar has already been sent to UKNEE members. For more information on this research, please visit The Pendle Hill Project or sign up to become an UKNEE Member to access the webinar recording.

Future webinars

We have an exciting range of webinars planned throughout the summer, so be sure to take a look here. Our next webinar will be hosted by Pia Andres (LSE), who will take us through their study titled: "Subsidies and trade wars: solar PV innovation and the impact of the 'China Shock'"


Upcoming LEEPout Events

Our friends at the University of Exeter Land, Environment, Economics, and Policy Institute (LEEP) have three upcoming webinars, as part of their LEEPout events series, that we believe will be of interest to our members. Click each event title for more information and to book your ticket:

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