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November 2021


  • COP 26: if you have attended COP26, please share your experiences, thoughts, and reflections with us at

  • Job advertisements: Click here to view a variety of job advertisements in environmental economics


envecon 2022 session: working in a multidisciplinary world

In our first major announcement on the content of envecon 2022, we are pleased to reveal this session led jointly by UKNEE and the British Ecological Society.

The session will provide participants with a toolkit of interdisciplinary skills, aimed particularly at collaborations between economists and ecologists, and research users and research creators. We will cover topics such as building a team, designing a project, and communication across disciplines.

If you would like to organise a session at envecon 2022 (online, on 18 March), please reach out to us with your proposal at


Connecting Economics and Ecology: the Applied Ecology Resources open platform

The British Ecological Society have developed the Applied Ecology Resources (AER) open platform. AER is a novel, globally accessible resource which makes sharing and discovering information on the management of biodiversity and the environment easier for everyone – whether you work in research, policy, or practice.

All content on AER is freely accessible and the available knowledge base has been continuously growing since the platform launched in April 2021. Explore the platform using its custom search tool to discover knowledge shared by NGOs, government agencies, researchers, and other practical ecologists from across the globe, or you can jump straight in and browse the environmental economics content.

At the heart of AER is the peer-reviewed open access journal Ecological Solutions and Evidence, which publishes articles that promote open science and enables practitioners to communicate their knowledge from experience to a wider audience.

AER is supported by organisation membership. Discover the benefits of AER membership for your organisation.


envecon 2022: call for abstracts and session proposals

We are continuing our call for abstract submissions for envecon 2022, which will take place on Friday 18th March. Save the date!

We are seeking 2-page abstracts of academically rigorous work that has direct implications for practitioners. Abstracts should convey the theory tested, results, and their practical implications. Topics of particular interest can be seen in the image above.

You can also get in touch with us if you’d like to organise a panel or papers session around a particular topic.

Please submit your abstracts or session proposals by 13th December by emailing

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