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September 2023



Enabling a Natural Capital Approach 2023 Update

Defra release ENCA Version 3

Defra recently released version 3 of Enabling a Natural Capital Approach (ENCA). ENCA is a suite of best-available data, guidance, and tools to support decision-makers and analysts take better account of nature. It does several things:

  • sets out the natural capital framework, which shows how the enhancement or degradation of natural assets affects the wealth, health and wellbeing outcomes of valued by people and the economy

  • provides a consistent approach to assessing impacts on nature linking with HM Treasury Green Book guidance through the use of screening questions and a 4-step approach;

  • provides a one-stop shop for natural capital evidence that enables analysts quickly to identify relevant sources of valuation and biophysical evidence

  • collates natural capital related case studies at various spatial scales to show real-world application, along with featured natural capital tools and guidance.

ENCA is maintained by the Environment Science & Analysis Division in Defra. It was originally launched in 2020, version 2 in 2021, and now Version 3 released in July 2023. 


CPD Release Principles for High-Quality Mandatory Disclosure:

Launch event today at 12:30 BST

Ahead of the G20 summit, CDP has released its Principles for High-Quality Mandatory Disclosure (HQMD).

An online launch event is being held today at 12:30. You can click here to register.

Mandatory climate-related financial disclosure is now the norm across G20 countries. Yet most jurisdictions must go further, expanding beyond just climate. CDP’s HQMD Principles are intended to support governments and regulators to develop the most holistic and impactful policies, ensuring that disclosure drives action.

We wish CPD success at the summit, where they will be pushing government regulators to mandate and enforce the highest possible standards of disclosure. 

Click here for their press release, outlining how the majority of G20 countries lack policies on nature-related disclosure despite COP15 commitments. You can find their full report & the 10 principles here.

And speaking of nature-related disclosure, take a look at our next webinar below: 


Introducing the TNFD Recommendations

UKNEE Webinar, September 27, 12:15 - 13:15 BST

This September, the long-awaited Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) recommendations and guidance will be published.

We are therefore excited to announce that our next webinar, taking place on the 27th of September, will feature Emily McKenzie: Technical Director, TNFD. Emily is a long-standing friend and contributor to UKNEE, having previously presented her work on the Dasgupta Review before delivering the keynote speech at envecon 2022 on the progress of the TNFD.

Click here to register

In the webinar, Emily will give an overview of TNFD’s finalised recommended disclosures, discuss additional guidance such as the LEAP approach, suggest recommended metrics, and reveal what is next for the TNFD before opening to questions from the audience.

Following from the success of the TCFD, which has helped expand and standardize the disclosure of climate risks around the world, the TNFD holds vast potential to similarly empower organisations to understand their impacts and dependencies on nature. This webinar is therefore an excellent opportunity for you to gain an understanding, and be involved in the discussion, around a major global development in environmental economics and green finance.

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