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Valuing Nature for Economic Growth, Well-Being, and Happiness

16 November 2023


Valuing Nature for Economic Growth, Well-Being, and Happiness

Join us for an event called "Valuing nature for economic growth, well-being and happiness"!


We are pleased to invite you to this in-person gathering where we will explore the profound connection between nature and our happiness and well-being.


Date: Thu Nov 16, 2023

Time: 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time)


In Person Venue: Ty Trafod, Visualisation Centre, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth

Biodiversity loss is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, with one million species now at risk of extinction. Biodiversity is essential for human life, providing us with food, clean water, medicine, and other essential services. We need transformative change across society to halt biodiversity loss and protect our planet for both people and nature.


This Aberystwyth University 150th Anniversary Event on "Valuing Nature for Economic Growth, Well-being, and Happiness" explores four different perspectives on valuing nature (from economics to Buddhist philosophy) that can help us address the biodiversity crisis and create a more harmonious relationship with the natural world.


The event will comprise four short presentations from our world-leading value experts and practitioners, followed by a 30-minute panel discussion hosted by the former First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones.


Dr Ruth Waters (Director of Evidence at Natural England).

The Economics of Biodiversity: the Dasgupta Review and Inclusive Wealth.


Prof Mike Christie (Professor of Environmental and Ecological Economics, Aberystwyth University and Chair of the IPBES Values Assessment).


The multiple values of nature for a transformative change to a more just and sustainable future.

Dr Karen Darke MBE (Mindfulness speaker).


Insights from Bhutan where national wealth is measured in terms of Gross National Happiness.

His Eminence Khedrupchen Rinpoche (Head of the Sangchen Ogyen Tsuklag Monastery in Trongsa, Bhutan and enthroned as the Fifth successive reincarnation of Kyabgon Khedrupchen Jigme Kundro).


Buddhist beliefs and practices that promote living in harmony with nature.

Prof Carwyn Jones (Professor in Law, Aberystwyth University and Former First Minister of Wales). Carwyn will moderate a 30-minute panel discussion following the presentations.


Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a wellness seeker, or simply curious about the power of nature, this event is perfect for you.

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