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Green Economics and Influencing Policy

25 January 2023

Green Economics and Influencing Policy

In our first webinar of 2023, we will be inviting Sam Alvis, Head of Economy at Green Alliance, to discuss how economic research can be leveraged to influence policy.

The UK’s macroeconomic environment is unlikely to look any healthier by the next election. Both parties will be looking for policies that help to boost growth and everyday economic outcomes. Sam will discuss why they’re focusing on green growth, what openings that might mean for greening government policy over the next two years, and how his organisation is building its understanding of green economic policy.

Sam is head of economy at Green Alliance, and an Associate Fellow at IPPR specialising in net zero and the economy. He is a member of Chatham House’s governing council focusing on widening access, and research. Sam has worked as an adviser to the Labour Party, was a senior adviser to Tony Blair, and led on Brexit and industrial strategy for the Wellcome Trust. Outside of work Sam is a school governor, a trustee for Bristol Museums and a mentor with the Social Mobility Foundation. He holds a MSc in Climate Change.

Green Alliance is an influential independent think tank and charity focused on ambitious leadership for the environment. Since 1979, they have been working with the most influential leaders in business, NGOs and politics to accelerate political action and create transformative policy for a green and prosperous UK.

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